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FASTUZ is an LMS (Learning Management System) platform owned by the LOGIMES. It features videos, testimonials, and feedback. At the end of each video, test your knowledge by taking a short quiz and validate your learning. A final assessment will allow you to download your certificate for free.

LOGIMES occupies a prominent position in the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems integration sector. DAS ERP is the solution for comprehensive management of all your company’s processes, encompassing various functions such as accounting, human resources management, supply chain management, and many more.

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Imagine a future where production in your company is orchestrated with unmatched precision, where every operation is optimized to the fullest, and every decision is made in real-time to ensure unparalleled efficiency. This future is now within reach thanks to our cutting-edge Manufacturing Execution System (MES).

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A digital services company helps industrial businesses implement production management systems for their workshops. This enables real-time monitoring of production progress, operator performance evaluation, and overall production efficiency measurement.

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